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Your professional insights and expertise can help level the playing field and build confidence for students to achieve their full potential.

The 1 Hour Project is designed for industry experts like yourself to donate their time in increments of hours to help students build their professional networks. 

VouchPeople powers the matching process between you and the students, helping to open doors for their future.

The matching process is not always immediate and our principle aim is to build confidence and raise aspirations. In order to do this we help prepare the students before they meet you, hence the delay.

After completing your registration, we will invite you to a short briefing session to help support you make the most of your conversation.

Thank you for wanting to be part of the 1 Hour Project.

Helping others is the first step in making the world a better place and improving the lives of others.


“Wonderful experience being matched to a really talented student through the 1 Hour Project. Lovely to hear the enthusiasm and aspirational goals. Our 1 hour flew by as we talked through the various questions she had and we made the beginnings of a list to help her start to build a more concrete career plan for the coming months prior to her final year.”

Merianne, M

“I had my first call this week with a prospective lawyer, and it was brilliant! Talking to a young person at the start of their career journey to share the benefit of my experiences was a fantastic way to spend an hour and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

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