Emma Moffat

The project really worked well for me and my match, and we were able to have a really good chat about where he thought he may want to take his career/any advice I could give regarding that! It was a really rewarding experience and hopefully helped him too. We are definitely looking to stay in touch.

Amani Lowey

Brilliant concept at its inception, thoughtfully designed and piloted, crystal clear step-by-step guidance for candidates and professionals, great briefings and a generally positive, engaging and purposeful vibe – an absolutely fantastic project to get involved in, from which all parties have something meaningful to gain :). Thank you!

Philippa Hewett

I think this project gives benefit to both parties to a conversation Hopefully it gives a bit of insider knowledge to somebody considering a career in the sector, and also it allows an established professional a chance to view their role under a different lens. So basically it’s a bit of a win-win.

V James

I have mentored before through various avenues however the 1 hour project gave me the opportunity to provide support and advice to a student in a very no fuss, no frills process. Making it extremely easy to concentrate on the advice and connecting the student to the right avenues.

Jackie Grisdale

The 1hour project is a valuable initiative to help connect those who need it, with a network of industry professionals to inspire them into their future careers. Get involved and give someone the opportunity to learn from your experience, you won’t regret it!

Industry Expert

1 Hour Project is a great initiative to provide students with practical advice from real people, working in their chosen career paths. Not everything could (or should) be available on Google and you cannot beat real life experience and human interaction. I only wish this was available when I was student!

Scott Walker

Such a great cause. Fulfilling to see and hear the energy of young talent, it literally takes you back in time. Beneficial for the students, but also for professionals to give you a reminder of the challenges and ambiguity of the difference between education and industry.

Industry Expert

I find this programme a great initiative – and glad if I can be helpful to students that are considering their career options for the future

Industry Expert

The 1 Hour Project is the best investment of an hour I’ve spent in a very long time. If you’re not sure whether to do it or not, just do it – you won’t be disappointed.

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