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Vouching Tips

Why is vouching important?

Our experience and research tells us that students often do not realise what strengths they have. Too often they discount their experiences.

“I only worked at McDonald’s” or “I was a volunteer in a club but that probably doesn’t count”. All experiences matter and it takes someone to help you recognise that you have more to offer than you think.

Getting vouched for is a powerful way to help showcase your strengths and experience and build your confidence.

What next?

  1. Think about your 3 strengths and who has seen you demonstrate them
  2. Give us 2 names and we will email them a link to score your strengths this takes them 2 minutes
  3. We will match you with one of your choices of career fields 

Over to you….

Best of luck with choosing your vouchers – stay tuned to our social media channels for insights on the vouching process and more.

Please recommend the 1 Hour Project to other students who may also benefit from having access to Industry Experts. 

Thank you for being part of the 1 Hour Project.

Levelling the playing field, time for action, equity and inclusion for all.

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