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The 1 Hour Project

What are we trying to do and why?

The 1 Hour Project enables industry experts to donate their time to help students from low income backgrounds who typically have limited access to professional networks.

How will we do this?

Our aim is to connect students with up to 3 experts to have a 1 hour conversation to demystify career fields of interest.

This donation of time is given on an individual basis focusing on industry expertise and insights rather than the organisation/s that these experts are attached to.

Meet our leadership team

Manny Contomanolis

Manny Contomanolis, PhD
Director of Career Services
Harvard University 
Cambridge, MA, United States

Chair’s statement

I grew up in an immigrant family and was the first to go to university. My father was a waiter and my mother a stay at home mom. I did not have the privilege of social capital, a professional network, or mentors and advisors to help me put the overwhelming world of opportunity in some kind of manageable, actionable context. Those challenges helped shape me personally and professionally, but I never forgot the frustration I felt and the inevitable, avoidable mistakes I made in trying to find my way.

Since then, my life’s work has been helping young people discover and realize their career goals and aspirations. Consequently, it was only natural for me to be drawn to the mission and purpose of the 1 Hour Project and the spirit and passion of its founders.

I am proud to serve as Chair of this ambitious initiative that has one simple and incredibly impactful mission – to level the playing field and ensure that all young people to have access to a professional network that can help them achieve success. Our efforts have drawn volunteers from across the globe who, as industry experts, share their knowledge, expertise, and insights opening the door to better understanding, and expanding the world of opportunity for those students that need it the most.

Our aspirations are lofty; our passions run deep; and our commitment is total.

We will make a difference. Join us.

  • Claire Mason

    Executive Assistant and Events Manager

    Claire is an experienced Executive Assistant and Events Manager with over 8 years’ experience in the Higher Education and Early Careers field. Claire has worn many different hats within her career in sectors including; health and social care, hospitality and finance achieving a number of professional qualifications along the way.

  • Manny Contomanolis PhD

    Senior Associate Vice President Employer Engagement and Career Design – University

    High energy, enthusiastic and creative professional who loves solving problems and helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Manny loves to write and speak and engage with people to understand and help address their career related challenges.

    Consulting is a passion as it allows Manny to apply my analytical and people skills with the ultimate goal of making things better.

  • Terence-Perrin

    Terence Perrin

    Globally experienced, award winning expert in Talent Acquisition, Coaching and Learning & Development.

    Terence is an experienced HR professional with a focus on Executive Coaching, Talent Management & Development and Recruitment. He has contributed to various media – radio, press, conference speaker, television – as a subject matter expert in talent management and development issues.  

  • Matt profile pic

    Matthew Molina-Pethers

    Award winning senior talent acquisition professional with extensive global experience.

    Matt is commercially driven and digitally led, and has a strong track record in stakeholder alignment, people leadership and change management in both Retail and HR. He has multi award-winning expertise in talent acquisition, management, development and data driven HR within NA and EMEA. Matt’s focus with Talent Acquisition lies within both early careers and experienced hire.

  • Fiona Belk

    Fiona Belk

    Human Resources Professional

    Experienced Human Resources Professional with an academic background and qualifications in Coach Mentoring, Counselling and Psychology. Specialist in Talent Development and Business Partnering with a demonstrated history of working across a variety of industries including investment banking, energy and telecoms industry.

  • Bob Athwal

    Bob Athwal

    Award-winning coach, author, speaker and recruitment specialist

    Bob has a unique background and perspective, he had been an employer, a vendor and a University. Bob is a regular International conference speaker, specialising in Early Careers, Student Experience and Student Outcomes. Bob has been the recipient of several industry awards relating to graduate recruitment and development as well as careers preparation within Universities.