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Professional Services

Quick overview

The Professional Services sector is amongst the biggest employers across the UK. In a nutshell, professional services covers a variety of occupations supporting businesses by providing advice and support. 

Types of opportunities 

Supporting clients in managing and growing their businesses covers a broad range of areas including:

Audit – reviewing company accounts to check the validity and legality of their records

Actuarial – calculating and assessing financial risks and using models and statistics to make predictions

Consulting – partnering with organisations increase efficiency via identifying opportunities to reduce costs or restructure

Financial Advisory – providing specialist advice to companies as to how to manage their money. Researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services to best meet their needs

Tax – advising on how to be more tax-efficient or completing tax returns

The professional services industry takes on a huge number of graduates from a range of degrees. 

Skills required

Professional services relies on the expertise of their people, so the emphasis is on personal and professional development in order to make you more marketable. As such, this is a great career for ambitious and motivated graduates who are always looking to improve their skills. 

The key skills include interpersonal skills; emotional intelligence; an analytical mind; problem solving; commercial awareness; resilience and adaptability.