So many have stepped up to help the 1 Hour Project get to where it is so far. Without their generous support, our vital work would not be possible. Our mission is to continue to help level the playing field and impact as many as we can. We can’t do this without the support from our partners who share our values and allow us to make a difference. 

Tessian’s mission is to secure the human layer. Using machine learning technology, Tessian automatically stops data breaches and security threats caused by human error with minimal disruption to employees’ workflow. 
Securing businesses, people and their data is critical work. Tessian makes sure that everyone that joins their team not only shares the company mission for securing the human layer, but also their values, which defines Tessian company culture.
Cappfinity’s expert teams work with you to identify what really matters to your business and how to realise success. They define your optimal assessment blend with any combination of strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive ability, personality, values or experience.
Everyone in the world has strengths, but not everyone has an equal opportunity to put those strengths to work.
Cappfinity’s VEE is a market first combining customised work simulations and exercises to help learners develop in-demand strengths.
EBP arranges work experience placements across all sectors and delivers a range of programmes and workshops to students in schools/colleges to develop employability skills and help young people to make confident decisions about their next steps. 
EBP’s mission is to unite education and business to inspire and equip our future workforce for tomorrow’s workplace.
Each year EBP help a wide range of businesses to meet their objectives through their programmes. 
Step connect enterprising students and graduates with smaller, innovative, businesses for one-off roles as well as larger businesses on annual programmes.
Student Job Coach
Step work collaboratively with employers, universities and of course, students and graduates to provide roles that offer genuine opportunities for development, hands-on experience and responsibility.
Say Hello to MEET & ENGAGE’s suite of Conversational Recruiting Technology – intuitively designed to help employers connect with candidates at every stage of the hiring process.
MEET & ENGAGE have three products that enable employers to connect with their candidates at every stage of the talent engagement process and a growing team of experts to deliver on that promise.
Warwick Inspire is a unique student led volunteer programme at the University of Warwick, which allows students the opportunity to plan and deliver lessons to secondary school pupils regarding Higher Education. 
Student Job Coach
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are under-represented at universities and Educational inequality is a serious issue across the U.K. Warwick Inspire is a growing society and a scheme of volunteers inspiring change and tackling educational inequality. 

Thank you. We would not be able to make a difference without you.

We are delighted to be included in the Graduate employment and skills guide by the Office of Students. 
The guide is for students who are about to graduate and are at the start of their career journey.
The guide has been produced with 2021 graduates in mind, but current students and recent graduates may also find it helpful.
It sets out five important steps to help students think about their choices and what they would  like to do next.

Industry Insights

To better help prepare our students, we have introduce our exciting Industry Insights page. The aim of the insights page is to help students learn more about different industries and help further outline what it takes to secure employment. 

Find out more about about the Technology Industry sponsored by Tessian.

I want to support the 1 Hour Project

The 1 Hour Project is currently funded by volunteers and to take it beyond the first 1,000 hours, we need your help. If you would personally like to help support the movement or would like your company to become involved, please contact us directly.

If your company has access to a charity foundation or you would like to learn more about becoming one of our corporate partners, please contact us directly.

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