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Energy & Utilities

If television has taught us anything, it’s that people who work in the energy and utilities industry are all like Homer Simpson, Lenny, Carl and Mr Burns. You might think that to work in this industry you will be required to work at a huge power station in the middle of nowhere, or on an oil rig in the North Sea. You also might think that to work in the energy and utilities industry you will be risking life and limb every day, either in a mine which may collapse, or inside a huge dam which may burst at any point in one big watery explosion.

However, it may shock you to know that a career in this sector is not all about eating donuts and putting yourself in danger.

It’s all about oil, gas, coal, petroleum, solar power, wind farms and everything else which provides the UK with energy. It’s also all about managing our water, sewage systems and waste disposal.

Without energy and utilities, the modern world would not be able to keep moving or stay switched on. All day, every day, we rely on the hard work of people in the energy and utilities sector – when we flush the toilet, when we put petrol in our cars, and when we open the fridge and that little light magically comes on.

With increasing environmental concerns across the world, the energy and utilities sector is becoming one of the most innovative and adaptable sectors. Understandably, there has been a rise in the development of renewable energy resources, such as solar panels, hydroelectric dams and biomass fuel. However, even the major oil and petroleum companies are beginning to develop fuels which are more environmentally friendly.

A huge range of different career paths are available within the energy and utilities sector, ranging from technical and engineering roles to managerial and sales positions. Every single role requires energetic people to help provide the world with all the energy and water it needs.