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To match you up with one of our industry experts, we need some more information from you. 

Please fill in this form with the details of the people you’d like to vouch for your selected skills. We will contact them to ask them to vouch. 


Watch the video below which explains the process the people you nominate will follow.

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What is “getting vouched!?” When you registered with the 1 Hour Project, you chose your top 3 strengths. We now need to ask people who have seen you in action to speak up on your behalf and tell us how good you are! We call this process “vouching” and the people you’ve nominated “vouchers”. Basically, Vouchers are being asked to vouch for your good character based on their experience of you. Got it - so what do I have to do? You need to choose 2 people who have first hand experience of you and have witnessed your top 3 strengths in action. Who should I ask to vouch for me? There’s almost certainly many more people who could vouch for you then you might first think….here’s some ideas… Voucher that you have worked for in a paid capacity - this could be anyone from a shift manager at a shop where you have worked to someone whose car you have regularly cleaned Voluntary activity - maybe you have helped out in a charity shop or cleared rubbish from the beach for an environmental group Position of responsibility in a sports team or club - you might have been Captain of a team or responsible for organising What will my vouchers be asked to do? They will receive a link and are asked to assess your 3 strengths - it takes no more than 5 minutes - this video explains the process they will follow. Remember, it’s all about putting forward 2 people who have seen you in action and can speak up on your behalf - this is what vouching is all about! Over to you…. Best of luck with choosing your vouchers - stay tuned to our social media channels for more insights on the vouching process and more. Please recommend the 1 Hour Project to other students who may also benefit from having access to Industry Experts. Thank you for being part of the 1 Hour Project.