Invaluable opportunity. I would highly recommend to everyone looking to learn more from an experienced professional. You can learn so much in one hour !

Tom Hulks

The 1 Hour Project has provided me with confidence and knowledge when applying to internships and graduate programmes in the industry of my choice. Furthermore, I have built a strong and long-lasting connection with my mentor, which has led to additional meetings including CV and application advice. This is a great project with so many benefits!

Yanjing Lu

The one hour program was amazing, they quickly matched me with a graduate who is from the same university as me and in the industry I was looking for. The first one hour call was also fantastic, my mentor was very patient with my questions and gave me a lot of suggestions. Looking forward to the next two conversations!


Fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about their chosen industry.

Project participant

I found my conversation through the 1 Hour Project an invaluable experience. I gained a thorough insight into the career I am pursuing after hearing from an expert’s extensive and varied career. Through the project, I established a great connection with an industry expert that I really value and we intend to speak again soon.


Amazing! Helped me to gain insightful knowledge into the industry I applied to. Relatively quick but helped me to build a connection that I will forever cherish!

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