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Antonella Petrocco

I have been introduced to this 1 Hour Project by London Metropolitan University and I found it very useful. PushFar is really easy to use and the feedback you receive from your mentor is very important for your job search and your future career. The mentors that are assigned to you are people with experience in the field you are interested in, and they will know how to help you to be more successful in looking for a job, to be prepared for interview questions and to adapt your CV and cover letter to the job you are applying for. Finally, they will give you insides about what you will be expected to do in your future job and what skills you are supposed to have. This is what my mentor is doing for me during our sessions.


This project is a wonderful initiative to enhance equality amongst students by giving everyone a fair chance to explore their potential. The 1 hour meeting with the expert I was matched to was absolutely brilliant.

Yasmine A

I really appreciate this initiative and its focus on connecting talent from disadvantaged backgrounds to industry experts with the expertise and knowledge in the field. As we all know, connections are a significant part of the work environment and the 1 hour project is perfect for levelling out the playing field and in understanding the different career options from the help of an expert.

Yanjing Lu

I am very surprised by the quality of experts in 1 hour project. They are all professional and friendly. Hope to meet more people!

Erika Tsang

The 1 hour project allowed me to connect to a very experienced industry expert I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise! I learnt so much about what my next steps should be to enter the industry I want to!

Ananya Basu-Kaul

the 1 hour project matched me with someone who was not only from a similar socio-cultural background as me and could relate to my perspective but also someone who had aligned career interests. My match was very amiable and pro-actively offered to help me which is something I wasn’t expecting and appreciate a lot. They were very honest about their experiences – both the good and the bad which will surely help me make a more informed choice in the upcoming application cycle. I think speaking to industry professionals is a great way to get to know a firm or industry beyond what is written on the website and the glossy stuff and encourage other students to sign up for the 1 hour project!

Chris Pugh

I took part in the 1 Hour Project in order to learn more about my aspirational career profession – teaching. During the planning stages the team were amazing at keeping me informed with the progress of my application, references and subsequent matching of a professional. I felt fully prepared and the team provided me with plenty of resources to help to plan for the session. The actual 1-hour session with a professional ran so smoothly and the conversation just naturally flowed. The individual was very welcoming and lovely. The 1-hour conversation was worth every minute as it left me with further questions that need answering before I pursue a non-PGCE direct teacher training route. Great project. Thank you for giving me the opportunity 🙂


Invaluable opportunity. I would highly recommend to everyone looking to learn more from an experienced professional. You can learn so much in one hour !

Tom Hulks

The 1 Hour Project has provided me with confidence and knowledge when applying to internships and graduate programmes in the industry of my choice. Furthermore, I have built a strong and long-lasting connection with my mentor, which has led to additional meetings including CV and application advice. This is a great project with so many benefits!

Yanjing Lu

The one hour program was amazing, they quickly matched me with a graduate who is from the same university as me and in the industry I was looking for. The first one hour call was also fantastic, my mentor was very patient with my questions and gave me a lot of suggestions. Looking forward to the next two conversations!

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