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Claire Mason

Claire is an experienced Executive Assistant and Events Manager with over 8 years’ experience in the Higher Education and Early Careers field. Claire has worn many different hats within her career in sectors including; health and social care, hospitality and finance achieving a number of professional qualifications along the way.

Marie Artim

Global Talent Acquisition leader responsible for company-wide strategies and directives that involve advertising, marketing, interactive media, training and tools for the nearly 200 recruiters.

Dan Black

Recruiting Leader with 23 years of experience in the field. Passionate about building a better working world by providing opportunities to the best and brightest talent and leveraging their considerable skills. Licensed CPA with experience serving clients, accomplished public speaker, and established industry resource cited regularly in major media outlets. Interested in opportunities that will help connect people with their passions.

Manny Contomanolis PhD

High energy, enthusiastic and creative professional who loves solving problems and helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Manny loves to write and speak and engage with people to understand and help address their career related challenges.

Consulting is a passion as it allows Manny to apply my analytical and people skills with the ultimate goal of making things better.