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Antonella Petrocco

I found the 1 Hour Project very useful. I had the chance to have a meaningful conversation with a professional in the area that I was interested in and he gave me a lot of useful advices and a detailed action plan that I could follow to be more employable in my field of interest. I advice every student to take part in it.

Project participant

I found my conversation through the 1 Hour Project an invaluable experience. I gained a thorough insight into the career I am pursuing after hearing from an expert’s extensive and varied career. Through the project, I established a great connection with an industry expert that I really value and we intend to speak again soon.


Fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about their chosen industry.

Tom Hulks

The 1 Hour Project has provided me with confidence and knowledge when applying to internships and graduate programmes in the industry of my choice. Furthermore, I have built a strong and long-lasting connection with my mentor, which has led to additional meetings including CV and application advice. This is a great project with so many benefits!

Ananya Basu-Kaul

the 1 hour project matched me with someone who was not only from a similar socio-cultural background as me and could relate to my perspective but also someone who had aligned career interests. My match was very amiable and pro-actively offered to help me which is something I wasn’t expecting and appreciate a lot. They were very honest about their experiences – both the good and the bad which will surely help me make a more informed choice in the upcoming application cycle. I think speaking to industry professionals is a great way to get to know a firm or industry beyond what is written on the website and the glossy stuff and encourage other students to sign up for the 1 hour project!

Yanjing Lu

I am very surprised by the quality of experts in 1 hour project. They are all professional and friendly. Hope to meet more people!


This project is a wonderful initiative to enhance equality amongst students by giving everyone a fair chance to explore their potential. The 1 hour meeting with the expert I was matched to was absolutely brilliant.


Amazing! Helped me to gain insightful knowledge into the industry I applied to. Relatively quick but helped me to build a connection that I will forever cherish!

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